Awesomeness: Fire and Ice – By Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi

swanie awesomeness - fire and ice

… total awesomeness … fire and ice animated movie … i wish they had made a thousand more of these … frank frazetta and ralph bakshi … they used rotoscoping (tracing live video onto animation cells).

Awesomeness: Van Halen “Dreams” – Blue Angels

… one of my favorite van halen songs … with blue angels … awesomeness.

Awesomeness: Calvin & Hobbes

Awesomeness - Calvin and Hobbes

… awesomeness … watterson was a genius comics creator … i love everything about calvin & hobbes … the drawing, watercolors, hand lettering, character development, everything.

… never met watterson, so i can’t say i know the guy … but i always respected him for his decision not ‘commercialize’ calvin & hobbes (t-shirts, lunch boxes, etc.) … he did sell books, though, which is respectable.

Awesomeness: Andrew Dickey

… i worked about four years at rockshox, got to learn a bit about mountain bikes and the pro riders … not much of a bike rider myself, but i can certainly appreciate the sport … what andrew dickey is doing with this bike is insane … full awesomeness.

Awesomeness: Charlie Brown

swanie AWESOMENESS - Charlie Brown

… some of the best cartoon lines ever drawn! … an american cartoon icon … charles schulz’s “charlie brown.”

Awesomeness: Gary Larson – The Far Side

s AWESOMENESS - gary larson - the far side

… as a kid, and even today, i loved gary larson’s “the far side” … along with probably 1 billion other people on the planet … bought and still have all his books … pure awesomeness.