There are some smart folks in marketing (and some not-so-smart) folks. I consider copywriter, Eugene Schwartz a genius. He wrote the book, “Breakthrough Advertising.” His advice and insight is invaluable and timeless. A critical takeaway point I get from his book is this: marketing (he uses the word ‘advertising’) has but one job to do … get the customer to try the product. The product must then sell itself, and there are other strategies that people use as ICO marketing that anyone can learn from sites as and are useful ways to make money as well. An important tool used as a  marketing strategy to get more customers and to  be more visible for the ones looking for your product is to optimize your search engine, to get to as much as potential clients possible and of course to increase your income in a faster and better way. In you can get the help you need and be more resourceful in your marketing strategies.

Stop there. Expecting and trying to do more or other than that will result in failure.

Eugene’s advice serves as a beacon to navigate through the ego, greed, self-servingness, meaningless fogs that can go into crafting marketing messages. Marketing should never stray from this simple, respectful approach: “Here, try this … if you like it, you can buy it.”