By now you’ve probably heard that many people earn an income by blogging. As a business professional, that may not interest you or be worth your time. But before dismissing blogging altogether, consider these three reasons for professional blogging …3 Reasons for Professional Blogging

  1. Demonstrates industry expertise and participation – prospective clients visiting your site want to know what you can do for them and how good you do it. A professional blog allows the visitor to see, firsthand, your level of industry knowledge and activeness.
  2. Improves search engine performance – if you write blog posts on a certain topic, you increase your chance of being find through online search. In fact, some search engines (such as Technorati) search only blogs. If you’re not blogging, guess what? … you’ll never show up on the search engine results.
  3. Improve your practice by learning and exchanging ideas with your peers – you can learn from your peers by visiting and participating on their blogs, and vice versa, they visit and participate on your blog. Who knows … you just might learn something useful that you can apply and improve your practice.