I argue the headline is the most important element of an advertisement. If the headline doesn’t engage the reader, the rest of the promotion is for not. The same goes for blog posts. Even if readers subscribe to your blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re reading your content. It’s likely they also subscribe to other blogs and scan headlines on a regular basis. Here are several practical tips to writing strong headlines that stand out from the rest …

The Four ‘U’s Headline Writing Formula

When writing a headline, strive to include the four ‘U’s in your headline (a headline writing tip I learned from copywriter, Michael Masterson):

  • USEFUL: Be sure it’s written in a matter that explains what’s in it for the reader. e.g., “How to Save Time and Improve Service Quality at the Same Time”
  • UNIQUE: Don’t be predictable. e.g., “The Most Important Business Lesson I Learned from My Plummer”
  • ULTRA-SPECIFIC: Package your ideas or use. e.g., “The 17 Real Reasons Why 79% of All Small Businesses Fail”
  • URGENT: Give the reader a reason to pay attention now. e.g., “What Top Professionals Are Doing Now with Social Media to Win Marketshare”

It’s tough to write a concise headline with all four elements. Shoot for 2 to 3 and you’ll do just fine.

Types of Headlines

I recently found this blog post on writing blog headlines:


This is a decent guide explaining different types of headlines:

  • Headlines that leave you wanting more
  • Ask an important question
  • Promise to teach or solve a problem
  • Goes straight to the point
  • Exposes some sort of secret

I could write a book on headline writing. It’s certainly an art once you get into it. But the above tips keeps writing a good headline practical, plus right now I have to go and find some cheap 4k monitors, I just need a new one for gaming.